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Educational Resources for Teachers and Students

Educational Video

EdVideo Online
Instructional video on demand free of charge over the internet provided by your local public broadcasting station - http://www.oce.nysed.gov/etvpb/tv.html

Television programming to engage and support students:

Homework Hotline
students statewide can call in live with their homework question to be answered by the Rochester Teacher Association's Dial-A-Teacher volunteers -

Assignment: The World
15-minute weekly television news program for intermediate and middle school students - http://atwonline.org/

Animated series to develop early literacy skills through storytelling -

Animated series promoting elementary level math skills -

Online resources accompanying PBS programs:

PBS Teacher Source

PBS Programs A-Z

Teacher Professional Development resources:

PBS TeacherLine NY
online courses facilitated by NYS master teachers, available for district or graduate credit and approved for shared services aid through the CoSER system - http://teacherline.nylearns.org

Resources for families of children from birth to age 8:

PBS Kids and PBS Kids Go
television programming and related websites with games, activies and advice for children, parents, caregivers and teachers

Ready to Learn outreach
Workshops based on PBS Kids programming teach parents and caregivers how to use TV programs, reading aloud and simple activities to help children get ready to be successful in school

Resources for Adult Education

Broadcasts of adult education series like GED Connection, Workplace Essential Skills, Crossroads Cafe, TV 411, Learn to Read and Math Basics -

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