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Barney and Friends:  Link goes to site outside of NYSED The series Barney & Friends is a unique blending of education and entertainment for preschool children. By design, the television series addresses the four key areas of childhood development - cognitive, social, emotional, and physical. The website includes a number of related games and activities.
Berenstain Bears:  Link goes to site outside of NYSED Adventures of a fun-loving family of Bears whose love, loyalty and humor allow them to overcome any obstacle that finds its way down their sunny dirt road. For ages 2 through 7.
Betsy's Kindergarten AdventuresBetsy's Kindergarten Adventures:  Link goes to site outside of NYSED A series designed to ease the transition from the home life to the school life for children as they venture off into their years of formal education. For ages 2 through 6.
Boohbah:  Link goes to site outside of NYSED This website offers abundant ways for 2 to 6-year-olds to enjoy learning. The opportunities, especially for language development, will be maximized when adults enjoy the site with children.
Caillou:  Link goes to site outside of NYSED Kids can visit this site and pretend that they are somebody else — a deep sea diver, a clown, a firefighter on a fire truck, or even a paleontologist studying dinosaur fossils. The games on the site will monitor each player’s abilities and adjust difficulty levels to any player profile, big or small. For preschoolers.
Clifford the Big Red Dog:  Link goes to site outside of NYSED This site's educational focus is centered on Clifford's Big Ideas/Ideas to Grow On. All activities on the site are based on these ten important life lessons. For ages 3 to 7.
Consumer Information Internet Bibliography: A list of internet resources compiled by the NYS Library reference staff.
Don't Buy It logoDon't Buy It:  Link goes to site outside of NYSED This websitre aims to provide children with tools to evaluate and analyze the media messages they see. Included are classroom activities intended for children in grades 3 to 5 and suggestions to incorporate media education into your curriculum.
Fizzy's Lunch Lab:  Link goes to site outside of NYSED A vibrant, fun and kid-friendly Web-only series featuring original characters and funny stories that entertain and educate families about the importance of good nutrition, a balanced diet, and physical activity. For grades 1 to 4.
Health & Medicine Internet Bibliography: A list of internet resources compiled by the NYS Library reference staff.
Homework HotlineLink to external website Students statewide can call in live with their homework questions to be answered by the Rochester Teacher Association's Dial-A-Teacher volunteers. Homework Hotline airs on public television at 5:30pm Monday through Thursday when school is in session.
It's My Life logoIt's My Life:  Link goes to site outside of NYSED This website for children aged 9 through 12 features informative articles, story sharing, games and activities, quizzes and polls, and video clips of kids talking about their feelings and experiences. Older kids and experts respond to kids’ comments and questions. The site also features interviews with celebrities about stuff they had to go through when they were kids.
Kids World Sports:  Link goes to site outside of NYSED This site has been designed to expose kids, parents and caregivers to a variety of sports, the required equipment and skills, some of the benefits of being involved in a variety of physical activities and the sheer fun and excitement of discovering new and interesting sports. For ages 10 to 12.
Make Way for NoddyLink goes to site outside of NYSED Make Way for Noddy is designed to introduce gentle life-skill lessons to its preschool audience. As an innocent in a sometimes puzzling and complex world, Noddy continually makes mistakes. In overcoming these setbacks, Noddy learns the significance and importance of values such as patience, responsibility, teamwork, respect and confidence.
Fred RogersMister Rogers' NeighborhoodLink goes to site outside of NYSED This site is designed to give families a time to interact together, to talk together and have some fun playing and learning together. The activities will allow preschoolers to have their own independent, creative fun.
NOVELny: Online access to the full text of hundreds of journals, newspapers, and other references.
PBS Programs A-ZLink to external website Access to all the websites for PBS programs and their related educational resources.
PBS TeachersLink to external website PBS's national web destination for high-quality preK-12 educational resources suitable for a wide range of subjects and grade levels, inncluding thousands of lesson plans, teaching activities, on-demand video assets, and interactive games and simulations.
Sesame StreetLink goes to site outside of NYSED The PBS Sesame Street Web site will unlock the power of imagination to create an interactive and educational experience for both adults and children. Complete with fun and engaging games, videos, and activities, the site’s educational and developmental curriculum fosters school readiness. For ages 2 to 5.
Summer Reading at New York Libraries: Materials and links to library resources to support a summer reading program in your community.
Teletubbies in TeletubbylandTeletubbiesLink goes to site outside of NYSED The Teletubbies website has been designed to allow children to have fun and explore in a safe environment and offers abundant opportunities for enjoyable learning. Kids are encouraged to "try and see what happens" with activities having different requirements of manual dexterity and conceptual understanding. For preschoolers.
Throughout the Ages: A visual educational resource that focuses on using historical records as learning tools in pre-K–grade 6 education. The site offers more than 500 digital images of historical photographs, letters, broadsides, maps, and paintings.
Toopy and BinooLink goes to site outside of NYSED Toopy and Binoo invite preschoolers to delve into their fantastic world through short compelling stories. Each story begins in the real world, where Toopy seizes an opportunity to slip into an imaginary universe. Deliberately free of moralizing, these stories encourage young viewers to use their imagination and look at things with a fresh perspective.
Using Historical Records in the Classroom: Historical Records: what, why, where and how. A brief course on using historical records in the classroom.
VITAL New York logoVITAL New YorkLink to external website VITAL - Video in Teaching and Learning for New York Educators - provides free access to public television program clips, teachers guides, instructional strategies, and more.
Webonauts Internet AcademyLink goes to site outside of NYSED Webonauts Internet Academy is a web original game for PBS KIDS GO! that gives 8 to 10-year-old kids an opportunity to have some fun while exploring what it means to be a citizen in a web-infused‚ information-rich world. It is an engaging experience on its own but becomes all the more powerful when parents and teachers use game play as a springboard for conversations about media literacy and citizenship in the 21st Century.
ZOOMLink goes to site outside of NYSED The ZOOM Web site brings together nearly 75 separate areas that are updated with the latest stuff from kids. With nearly 1/4 of a million weekly web visitors, and an average 32,000 weekly e-mails, the ZOOM Web site has become a top web destination for 6-13 year olds, introducing them to health, science, volunteer and many other opportunities.
Last Updated: March 16, 2012