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Photograph of a teacherResources for Professional Development

History Detectives: Crash Course in Using Resources of the New York State Library: This four-hour workshop for teachers of elementary through high school social studies and language arts will introduce them to how to use both the special collections and the main library collections at the New York State Library to ferret out answers to questions about people, places and events in New York State's history.
Life in the Hudson Valley: Using Translated Dutch Documents: This four-hour workshop for teachers of elementary through high school social studies and language arts will introduce them to translations of 17th-century Dutch documents (primary sources) that can be used to tell stories about life in Beverwyck (aka Albany), Wiltwyck (aka Kingston), Nieuw Amsterdam (aka New York City) and other communities in the Hudson Valley.
Teachers at NYS Museum Earth Science workshopNYS Museum Workshops for Teachers: Museum workshops offer access to current research information, interaction with Museum collections and research staff, and behind-the-scenes participation in the research process. The Museum is dedicated to fostering long-term working relationships between teachers and researchers in the fields of geology, biology, anthropology and history.
NOVELny: Online access to the full text of hundreds of journals, newspapers, and other references.
PBS Programs A-ZLink to external website Access to all the websites for PBS programs and their related educational resources.
PBS TeacherLine New York:  Link goes to site outside of NYSED PBS TeacherLine New York offers more than 100 interactive online professional development courses to preK-12 teachers. Each PBS TeacherLine course is run over a six week period of time and takes between 15-30 hours to complete. The courses take place online with a facilitator in charge of the material and discussions. The class consists of 10 to 25 fellow educators from around your area, the state or even the nation.
Image of teacher's whiteboard activityPBS TeachersLink to external website PBS's national web destination for high-quality preK-12 educational resources suitable for a wide range of subjects and grade levels, inncluding thousands of lesson plans, teaching activities, on-demand video assets, and interactive games and simulations.
Summer Reading at New York Libraries: Materials and links to library resources to support a summer reading program in your community.
Tch - Teaching ChannelLink goes to site outside of NYSED Inspired teaching, like any great art, should be seen. Teaching Channel lifts the curtain on inspiring classrooms at this website and on PBS channels nationwide (check your local listings).
Teacher with mapUsing Documents in the Classroom – Video Series: This series of instructional videos helps teachers and students find documents in their local communities for classroom use and provides educators with ideas for incorporating documents and objects into classroom instruction.
Using Historical Records in the Classroom: Two short online courses explaining how and why to use primary source documents in classroom instruction.
VITAL New YorkLink to external website VITAL - Video in Teaching and Learning for New York Educators - provides free access to public television program clips, teachers guides, instructional strategies, and more.
Last Updated: March 16, 2012