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Adirondack Carnivore Research Project: During the past century, human land-use and wildlife management practices have dramatically affected the ranges and population densities of most mammalian carnivores in the northeastern United States, resulting in relatively rapid shifts in predator communities. This website describes an ongoing research project.
Ancient Life of New York - A Billion Years of Earth History: Gallery text and labels of all fossils on display in the NYS Museum exhibi.
Biological Diversty: The Oldest Human Heritage: This 58-page book by renowned biodiversity scientist, Professor Edward O. Wilson of Harvard University, gives an overview of what biodiversity is and why it is important to conserve it. (free PDF download)
Pileated woodpeckersBirds of New York: Paintings by Louis Agassiz Fuertes: A series of bird paintings by Louis Agassiz Fuertes done for The Birds of New York by Elon Howard Eaton in 1910 (vol.1) and 1914 (vol.2).
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About ThatLink goes to site outside of NYSED This site will help you include in your classroom a variety of materials and activities to support children's science learning and inquiry. You can provide the environment and facilitation children need to engage in science exploration and investigation, make scientific observations and discoveries, and build their understanding of science concepts. Science explorations and discussions also provide opportunities to support children's language development, mathematical reasoning, and collaboration—and promote a culture of inquiry in your classroom. For preschoolers.
A Century of Stewardship: Conservation and the Capitol Fire of 1911, NYS Archives Online Exhibit: On March 29, 1911 a fire swept through the New York State Capitol and destroyed extensive portions of the State Library and State Museum collections housed there, including Revolutionary War material. At this website, students can learn learn how the State Archives conserves the documents that were damaged in the Capitol Fire of 1911.
Curious GeorgeCurious GeorgeLink goes to site outside of NYSED This website is the online companion to the television series airing daily on PBS Kids. The site targets kids ages four and five, though many of its activities and resources can be used with kids who are younger and older. Like the show, the goal of the website is to inspire children to explore science, engineering, and math in the world around them.
Design SquadLink goes to site outside of NYSED Engage kids in hands-on engineering. Use these activities, animations, video profiles, and episodes in classrooms and afterschool programs, in libraries and museums, at events and at home. For ages 8 and up.
Dinosaur TrainLink goes to site outside of NYSED Dinosaur Train embraces and celebrates the fascination that preschoolers have with both dinosaurs and trains. The series encourages basic scientific thinking skills as the audience learns about life science, natural history and paleontology.
DragonflyTVLink goes to site outside of NYSED Get kids started on their own inquiry investigations. The activities are developed with the National Science Teacher's Association. They're aligned with today's science standards, and they're ideal for the classroom or for after-school programs. For ages 10 to 12.
Batteau launchDurham Project: A research and education initiative in transportation geography that locates and interprets the physical remains of New York’s earliest canals and navigation improvements.
EekoWorldLink goes to site outside of NYSED EekoWorld (Environmental Education for Kids Online) features an engaging and interactive format that invites children to explore, experiment, and collaborate as they learn about conservation and the environment. For ages 10 to 12.
Empire State Oil & Gas Information System: The Empire State Oil and Gas Information System is your complete resource for oil and gas data in the state of New York. In addition to allowing you to query and view data for all of New York's 38,987 wells, the site provides on-line access to maps, published papers, and other information important to New York's oil and gas industry.
Essays on Evolution: A collection of essays written by NYS Museum staff scientists in celebration of of the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth.
Fetch! castFetch! with Ruff RuffmanLink goes to site outside of NYSED The Fetch! website lets kids follow the show, play games and learn cool science. They can even register with the site - it's free - to save their scores, win downloadable prizes and travel as a member between one PBS KIDS GO! site and another. For ages 9 to 12.
George ShrinksLink goes to site outside of NYSED The topics covered by this program include biology, botany, entomology and ecology, which will help foster an interest in science by highlighting the fun side of learning. For ages 2 to 7.
The GreensLink goes to site outside of NYSED With this web-only project, we get kids thinking about the world and their place in it. The GREENS project is upbeat and optimistic. We encourage kids to make informed choices and meaningful changes. Through the animated episodic adventures, a blog, kids' mail, and regular updates, we explore green living, sustainability, ecology, environmental care, and social equity. We nudge kids to research, to challenge, to discover, and to take action wherever and whenever they can. For ages 9 to 12.
Ground Zero from the Air: Learn about the role of technology in response and recovery efforts after the 9/11 World Trade Center Attacks.
Homework Hotline logoHomework HotlineLink to external website Students statewide can call in live with their homework questions to be answered by the Rochester Teacher Association's Dial-A-Teacher volunteers. Homework Hotline airs on public television at 5:30pm Monday through Thursday when school is in session.
International Research Consortium On Molluscan Symbionts: This research consortium was formed to perform fundamental research on the biology, ecology, distribution, and systematics of organisms symbiotically associated with molluscs, including commensal, parasitic, and mutualistic species.
Jay Jay the Jet PlaneLink goes to site outside of NYSED Jay Jay and his airplane friends bring stories of fun and adventure, all from their magical home at Tarrytown Airport. The activities on this site introduce pre-schoolers to science nad nature concepts and themes.
Kratt's CreaturesLink goes to site outside of NYSED On this website, parents and teachers can explore the world together with their kids. In the process of going on all these adventures children, parents and teachers learn hundreds of animal facts, creature skills and behaviors together as they explore a host of different habitats located across the globe. For grades K to 5.
Legacy coverLegacy: Conserving New York State’s Biodiversity: This 100-page, full-color book, published by the New York State Biodiversity Project, offers a remarkable glimpse into the vast array of life and beauty in New York State. Included are the birds we see at our backyard feeders, giant salamanders that quietly eat crayfish, “bottomless” lakes, alpine tundra, forests that need fire to survive, and much, much more. (Free PDF download)
Lifeboat to MarsLink goes to site outside of NYSED The games on this website teach biology and other science topics. Kids are challenged by the games' increasing difficulty, and they have the opportunity to upload their own modified versions of the games. For ages 9 to 12.
Mama Mirabelle's Home MoviesLink goes to site outside of NYSED This site provides playful experiences that preschool kids enjoy as they learn about animals.. Whether they are developing language skills, a keen sense of observation, or having fun with open-ended creative play, kids will have a real opportunity to indulge their curiosity about themselves and the world in which they live.
NYS Museum Exhibit Teacher's Guide: Adirondack Wilderness: A teacher's guide to the State Museum's Adirondack Wilderness exhibit, including pre- and post-visit activities. Many of the activities can be effective with or without a visit to the Museum.
Bear and deer illustrationNYS Museum Exhibit Teacher's Guide: Mammals Revealed: A teacher's guide to the State Museum's Mammals Revealed exhibit (now closed). Many of the activities can be effective even though the exhibit can no longer be visited.
NYS Museum Exhibit Teacher's Guide: New York Metropolis: A teacher's guide to the State Museum's New York Metropolis exhibit, including pre- and post-visit activities. Many of the activities can be effective with or without a visit to the Museum. (PDF)
NYS Museum Exhibit Teacher's Guide: Preserving Family History: A teacher's guide to the State Museum's Preserving Family History exhibit (now closed). Many of the activities can be effective even though the exhibit can no longer be visited. (PDF)
NYS Museum Publications, NYS Library Digital Collection: The New York State Museum can trace its beginning back to 1836 with the appointment of staff for the State’s first official Geological and Natural History Survey. Since that point, Museum research scientists and staff have conducted "systematic investigations into the geology, biology, anthropology and history of New York" and produced a wealth of publications that detail the results of their work. Links to those Museum publications that have been digitized can be found at this website.
Tuscarora style headdressNYS Museum Teacher Professional Development Opportunities: Museum workshops offer access to current research information, interaction with Museum collections and research staff, and behind-the-scenes participation in the research process. The Museum is dedicated to fostering long-term working relationships between teachers and researchers in the fields of geology, biology, anthropology and history.
NOVELny: Online access to the full text of hundreds of journals, newspapers, and other references.
PBS Programs A-ZLink to external website Access to all the websites for PBS programs and their related educational resources.
PBS TeachersLink to external website PBS's national web destination for high-quality preK-12 educational resources suitable for a wide range of subjects and grade levels, inncluding thousands of lesson plans, teaching activities, on-demand video assets, and interactive games and simulations.
Science Resources Internet Bibliography: A list of internet resources compiled by the NYS Library reference staff.
Izzy, a SciGirlSciGirlsLink goes to site outside of NYSED Every girl can be a SciGirl with this interactive website that will transform the way tween girls (ages 10 to 12) look at science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The site is designed to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers with an engaging combination of actual girls exploring real-world science and math alongside successful female mentors in the field. At this website, young viewers can share their own exciting ideas and projects.
Sesame StreetLink goes to site outside of NYSED The PBS Sesame Street Web site will unlock the power of imagination to create an interactive and educational experience for both adults and children. Complete with fun and engaging games, videos, and activities, the site’s educational and developmental curriculum fosters school readiness. For ages 2 to 7.
Sid the Science KidLink goes to site outside of NYSED The Sid the Science Kid website is designed to develop children's natural wonder and help caregivers to build a strong foundation for early science exploration. Sid and his school friends greet visitors, prompt them to explore and make the site feel like a personal play date with Sid and his friends. For ages 2 to 5.

Standards, Specifications, and Technology Internet Bibliography: A list of internet resources compiled by the NYS Library reference staff.

Summer Reading logoSummer Reading at New York Libraries: Materials and links to library resources to support a summer reading program in your community.
Teacher’s Guides to Ongoing Exhibitions at the NYS Museum: Ongoing exhibitions at the NYS Museum include Adirondack Hall, the Mohawk Iroquois Village, New York Metropolis and others. This site provides teachers' guides to these exhibitions to help you plan for Museum visits.
Throughout the Ages: A visual educational resource that focuses on using historical records as learning tools in pre-K–grade 6 education. The site offers more than 500 digital images of historical photographs, letters, broadsides, maps, and paintings.
Toopy and BinooLink goes to site outside of NYSED Toopy and Binoo invite preschoolers to delve into their fantastic world through short compelling stories. Each story begins in the real world, where Toopy seizes an opportunity to slip into an imaginary universe. Deliberately free of moralizing, these stories encourage young viewers to use their imagination and look at things with a fresh perspective.
Group of Workers in Clayton, N.C. Cotton MillsUsing Historical Records in the Classroom: Historical Records: what, why, where and how. A brief course on using historical records in the classroom.
Virtual Mineral Exhibit: Explore the NYS Museum's mineral collection. Each specimen has a zoomable Image, basic description, mineral chemistry, basic description of the physical properties and a Bedrock Geology Map of the county the mineral is from. Some specimens have 3D virtual reality images. There are several ways to search the collection.
VITAL New YorkLink to external website VITAL - Video in Teaching and Learning for New York Educators - provides free access to public television program clips, teachers guides, instructional strategies, and more.
Wild KrattsLink goes to site outside of NYSED This website is an interactive experience where children can learn more about animals, science, and the natural world. Designed and implemented with input from educational advisors, the activities emphasize both age-appropriate science concepts and information about animals and nature. For grades 1 to 3.
Zebra Mussel Information System: ZMIS is an interactive system designed to allow easy access to a wide variety of information on zebra mussels. Information in the system includes identification of both adults and immatures, life history, impact, monitoring and detection, management strategies, contaminant issues as well as an extensive bibliography.
ZoboomafooLink goes to site outside of NYSED There's no place like Animal Junction, the Zoboomafoo companion website. All animals are welcome, whether you're a full grown African elephant or a baby ant, in Animal Junction you'll find lots of friends. Animal Junction online is a place for you and your child to learn more about animals and how they're similar to you. For kids 2 to 5.
Cast of ZOOMZOOMLink goes to site outside of NYSED The ZOOM Web site brings together nearly 75 separate areas that are updated with the latest stuff from kids. With nearly 1/4 of a million weekly web visitors, and an average 32,000 weekly e-mails, the ZOOM Web site has become a top web destination for 6-13 year olds, introducing them to health, science, volunteer and many other opportunities.
Last Updated: March 16, 2012