Office of Cultural Education

Educational Television & Public Broadcasting


Mission US 4

Welcome to the Office of Educational Television and Public Broadcasting, a program of the Office of Cultural Education in the New York State Education Department.

Are you surprised to find that your public television and radio stations are directly connected with the State Education Department? In fact, these stations are chartered by the Board of Regents and are therefore institutions within the University of the State of New York – USNY – the most complete, interconnected system of educational services in the United States.

Your public television and radio stations exist to inform, entertain and enlighten you and your family, to foster citizenship and cultural understanding in your community, to help those most in need gain new skills and English language literacy, and to provide a safe haven for children and parents who are challenged by the pervasive commercial environment elsewhere on the TV and radio dial. Each station is an independent media outlet – its staff lives in the community it serves, and its board of trustees is closely tied to the community’s most vital institutions.

Last Updated: March 17, 2015