The national Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) developed a program in 2007 to provide funding to all U.S. States and Territories to determine their most important preservation needs. The State of New York was one of the first recipients of these “Connecting to Collections” statewide preservation planning grants. To address the preservation needs of the cultural heritage institutions of the State, and to better serve its citizens, a Preservation Planning and Advisory Group, led by the New York State Library, New York State Archives, the New York State Museum, and New York State Public Broadcasting, in partnership with many of the key cultural associations and organizations in the State, developed a survey instrument available on the Web.

Nearly 4000 institutions were informed of the existence of the survey through a variety of e-mail, traditional mailers, and listserv announcements. The survey was made available in January and early February 2009, and had a total of 798 respondents, for a response rate of 20%.

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