School of Media Arts
Application Forms

SMA Application Forms

There are two forms that need to be completed to apply to the NYSSSA School of Media Arts. The first is the general media arts Application Form and the second is the Adjudication Form (PDF File) .  Students should then submit their work (with the Adjudication Form Attached) to NYSSSA. 

Students may continue to submit portfolios for adjudication for Summer 2016.  Applications will be reveiwed in the order they are received. 

Please contact the NYSSSA Office with any questions.

You may email your work to NYSSSA at (Please include your full name in the email subject).   It is strongly encouraged that you call NYSSSA to confirm receipt of your emailed porftolio at (518) 474-8773) .

Or you may mail your artwork to NYSSSA at: NYSSSA, Cultural Education Center, Room 10D79, Albany, NY 12230.

Portfolio Requirements:

PLEASE NOTE!  We welcome applications from students who have a strong interest in, but little or no firsthand experience with, any of our disciplines. A student who has no work to show in a particular discipline must write a sincere and compelling statement articulating her/his interest in devoting an intensive month to study. Such applications will be well served if they are accompanied by evidence of creative work in and dedicated study of some other creative medium. Acceptable “other” creative media include many disciplines: writing, poetry, sculpture, painting, drawing, theatre, voice, fashion, design. When a student is unable to submit work in the discipline to which she is applying, it is very important that a written statement articulate her interest in that discipline and her eager willingness to apply herself and learn.


Application Form

Click here to submit an Online Application for the 2016 NYSSSA School of Media Arts.

(Click here for a PDF Version of our School of Media Arts Application)

Adjudication Form

Click here to download and print the School of Media Arts Adjudication Form.  Remember to include this completed form with your submitted artwork.

Adjudication Schedule

Send sample(s) of your work to NYSSSA Directly:


Postmarked by:


Students may continue to submit work for Summer 2016.

Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received.

Mail to:

NYSSSA School of Media Arts

NYS Office of Cultural Education

222 Madison Avenue, Rm 10D79 CEC

Albany, NY 12230


Email your portfolio (with completed Adjudication Form!)