School of Dance
July 24- August 19, 2016
Skidmore College &
National Museum of Dance



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2016 School of Dance Auditions

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Capital District Area - January 16, 2016

Western Region - January 24, 2016

New York City Area -February 6, 2016

Syracuse Area- February 21, 2016

Online Registration for the School of Dance's Audition in Syracuse is closed. Applications submitted after Friday, February 19th at 10am will not be received by NYSSSA in time for Sunday's Audition.

WALK-IN Applicants may register at 9:30am on Sunday.


Audition Applications are currently being accepted for the 2016 School of Dance. Please click here to submit your online audition application . Please visit our School of Dance Audition Page for information about the audition process.


About the School of Dance

Discover the world of modern dance and learn from inspiring professionals while living on the attractive Skidmore College campus in Saratoga Springs. This four-week program offers you the unique opportunity to work with 30 other student dancers, participate in rewarding dance experiences, and establish career goals.

Instruction will take place in the dance studios of the National Museum of Dance and the Skidmore Dance Theatre. Program highlights include:

Through a ground-breaking collaboration between the New York State Education Department and the American Dance Legacy Institute, you will be introduced to the works of American dance masters during your four weeks of intensive study. You'll research the artists, explore the exhibits of the National Museum of Dance, learn how to use computers to both retrieve and capture archival materials, and use the dance video guide called Dancing Through The Curriculum to discover links between dance and other disciplines. Faculty members will assist you in designing dance projects that you'll pursue throughout the school year, culminating in video tapes and oral accounts of the impact of their activities on yourself, your family, friends, school and community.



Application Process

Eligibility: Students should be New York State Residents, currently enrolled in grades 8 through 12. Students currently in grades 6 and 7 may audition for the School of Ballet only.

A successful audition is necessary for participation in the School of Dance. If you intend to participate in the statewide audition process, you should complete and return the application form as soon as possible. Applications should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to your selected audition date.  Pre-Registration is STRONGLY encouraged to ensure your space at your preferred audition location. It is not guaranteed that audition sites will be able to accept walk-in applicants. Upon receipt of your form, complete information about the audition locations, schedules, and times will be mailed to you.

Classical ballet is not required to be accepted into the program. During the audition, you will participate in a class and be expected to do a short prepared solo not to exceed two minutes. Ratings by the adjudicators will form the basis for selecting members and alternates to attend the school. Audition results will be mailed to all students applying to the program.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The tuition, room, and board cost for attending the four-week School of Dance is $2,200. NYSSSA's summer programs are open to all New York State students currently enrolled in grades 8 through 12 who qualify through the audition process. Tuition, room, and board costs should not discourage any talented young artist from auditioning.

Tuition Assistance Forms are mailed to students after the audition process. NYSSSA awards financial assistance based upon individual need.

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