School of Theatre
Application Form

Application Form


Audition Applications for the 2016 School of Theatre are Currently being Accepted. Please visit the School of Theatre's Audition page for audition requirements.

Please click here to submit your online application.

(Click here for a PDF Version of the School of Theatre Application)

Please include with this application:
A snapshot of yourself, no larger than 4" x 6",
clear enough for facial identification,

Photos may be emailed or snail mailed to NYSSSA. If submitted by email, the student's full name must be included in body of the email: Submit your photos by e-mail
Photos may be mailed to NYSSSA at: Cultural Education Center, Room 10D79, Albany, NY 12230. Photos must arrive in Albany one week prior to the Audition Date.


Audition Requirements: Applicants must memorize two monologues of two minutes each. Selections should be from well-known, published plays (not musicals), and should reflect contrasting moods and/or characters. A list of audition scenes recommended by School of Theatre faculty appears in this site.

You should choose two monologues - one classical and one contemporary - which are within your range of life experience and ability, or monologues from any published plays to which you feel especially close. We recommend that you read the entire play from which your excerpt is taken, in order to better understand and interpret your selection. School of Theatre faculty who serve as adjudicators are interested in how you use yourself honestly, rather than how you can “put on a character.” You will be rated on honesty, interpretation, diction/voice, relaxation/concentration, and movement.


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