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School of Dance

Eddie Kastrau

Rehearsal Director for Danny Grossman

Eddie Kastrau, a dancer with the Danny Grossman Dance Company since 1986, has performed most of the featured roles with the company, and has been a muse for many of Grossman’s original roles. Through the Grossman company he has danced in major modern works, including Paul Taylor’s Aureole, The Beloved by Lester Horton, Anna Sokolow’s Rooms, Charles Weidman’s Lynchtown, and Canadian classics by David Earle, Patricia Beatty, Peter Randazzo, Robert Derosiers, Paula Ross, and others. Eddie has also danced independently for numerous choreographers in Canada and abroad. Recent tours include China and Mongolia dancing with Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie, South Africa with the Janak Khendry Dance Company and Eastern Canada and Ottawa with the Menaka Thakkar Dance Company. He recently spent three months in New York setting three of Grossman’s works on Adelphi University students, culminating in a full evening: Tribute to Danny Grossman. Eddie is a strong advocate for dance preservation and created computer software to digitally store the rich heritage of dance companies. His Performance History Database is used by numerous dance companies throughout North America. Eddie has also been actively involved in the Grossman preservation project, documenting the choreography, intent, staging, costumes, and history for ten of the major works of Danny Grossman. This material is at the forefront of the Grossman Institute, which licenses and teaches the works of Danny Grossman.