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School of Theatre


1. Why NYSSSA? (why audition, why did you decide to attend?)
When my brother went to the Media Arts program it had very big impact on him. The video he used for his college applications was from a series he started at NYSSSA. Since it had such a positive impact on him I decided to audition

2. How did you find out about NYSSSA?

My brother went to the NYSSSA media arts program twice before me and that’s what got me initially interested in the program. He found out about it through a local film teacher.

3. Typical Day/Schedule at NYSSSA?
They tell you over and over again while you’re there that it’s not summer camp, that it really is much closer to a college experience than a summer camp. You have a lot of work you have to do every day. The daily classes were Voice, Improv and Scene Study. At night we’d have workshops ranging from play writing to character masks. It’s amazing how much they pack into a month.

4. Best Moment at NYSSSA?
For the Theater NYSSSA, when we were rehearsing our final scene, I was really nervous about it because it was one of our first rehearsals.  We weren’t meant to be off‐book yet but our scene coach wanted us to try the scene as best we could without our scripts. We made it through the entire scene without forgetting our lines and it was the first time I was able to really get into character in the scene and have it click. The teacher said that we did a fantastic job, which meant a lot from her. She isn’t someone who hands out compliments. It made me really happy and was a pretty definitive point in the program for me.    

5. Why would you encourage someone to audition for NYSSSA?
Do it: audition. It’s a lot of work but I can definitely say it was the best experience of my life. Even if you don’t get in you’ll learn so much just from auditioning