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Questions and Answers

Café at the Cultural Education Center
RFP #17-031
Questions & Answers

  1. Is the RFP for an exclusive food contract?
    The award will be for a five-year contract to operate a café at the Cultural Education Center (CEC) located on the second-floor mezzanine.
  2. Will the contract include catering for after-hour events?
    Occasionally the CEC hosts large, public events (Gem & Mineral Expo) that will significantly increase the number of public patrons in the building. During these events, additional food vendors will be permitted access to alternate locations in the CEC. These alternate locations may include gallery openings or events that include food booths in locations to accommodate increase number of patrons. The vendor who is awarded the CEC Café will have first rights to these locations. The vendor will be given a minimum of 90 days’ notice prior to these events and will be required to respond within 15 calendar days of the notice. Vendor must demonstrate ability to provide for anticipated number of patrons, meet the requirements of the event, and provide normal service at the Café location. Select events are designed to bring in multiple food vendors. An example of such an event is Taste of NY. Events such as, this would be an exemption to the CEC Café vendor having first rights. In addition, use of CEC space for meetings and weddings are considered a rental. Rental payees determine chosen caterer for their event.​
  3. What is the start date?
    Depending on time of award and preparation of contract, we are currently assuming an October 2017 start date.
  4. Does an established disabled veteran owned entity fall under MWBE?
    SDVOB and MWBE goals do not apply to this contract. Notwithstanding that, bidders are encouraged to use certified SDVOB and MWBE firms for the purchase of goods and services in performing this contract.
  5. ​Is there additional storage?
  6. If there is additional storage, where and what is the size of it?
    Facilities management has located additional storage in the Concourse level. Size is approximately 11’x10’.
  7. Is data provided?
    Yes. Credit card transactions must run through a dedicated line that the Facility will provide the infrastructure for. Vendor will be responsible for maintaining any phone line installed, setting up their account, and managing their own PCI compliance.
  8. Number people can seat daily.
    Seating capacity is limited to 30 on the mezzanine but additional seating will be available on the concourse level of the Cultural Education Center. The seating capacity has been updated since the issuance of the Request For Proposals to reflected recent discussions with the Office of State Fire.
  9. Is it a contract or an agreement?
  10. Is there a freezer?
    No, a freezer was not accommodated within the construction of the space. However, a refrigerator can be removed and replaced by any other appliances as requested by the vendor / awardee of contract. Appliances beyond what are specified and on site would be at the expense of the vendor. Facility management will assist with storage of any current appliances needing storage. All requests and specifications for electric must be vetted by Facilities Management.