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  • NYSSSA is comprised of three residential schools offer training in the specific disciplines of media arts, theatre and visual arts.  Each program runs for 3 weeks and all students reside on our host college campuses during this period.
  • NYSSSA artistic staff are internationally acclaimed performing and visual artists. 
  • NYSSSA is open to all New York State Residents currently in grades 8-12.  Students are accepted into the schools through a competitive audition/application process held throughout the State each winter.  Tuition rates are kept at a modest level and tuition assistance is available for students with financial need.
  • NYSSSA provides young artists a unique opportunity to experience the discipline and rigors of their chosen arts field.  Students work in small groups with their instructors and often are scheduled for one-on-one sessions with professionals in their arts discipline. Students will experience the daily life of top professional artists while immersing themselves in a community of with students, faculty and staff who share the same passion for their designated art.
  • NYSSSA is a residential program, where all 3 disciplines are located at SUNY Fredonia.  There is a full-time residential life staff who reside in the dorms and are responsible for the students health, safety and welfare 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Working closely with Artistic Faculty, these staff members provide mentorship and a full recreational program for the students outside of their artistic program. Many are alumni of the program and have pursued professional artistic careers and hold advanced degrees in their artistic discipline. This provides students with a total emersion in the artistic experience during their time at NYSSSA.