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Danny Grossman

Danny Grossman, a narrative choreographer profoundly influenced by the theatrical masks of tragedy and comedy, was born in San Francisco in 1942. In 1963, he joined the renowned Paul Taylor Dance Company. In 1973, Grossman joined Toronto Dance Theatre in Canada. In 1975, he choreographed his first work to tremendous praise leading to the formation of the Danny Grossman Dance Company. Grossman has since created a repertoire of more than 60 works. His choreography has been in the repertoire of Toronto Dance Theatre, The Paris Opera Ballet, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, and The National Ballet of Canada and has also been performed by modern dance training institutions such as Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Adelphi University, City College of New York, Brown University, York University, School of Toronto Dance Theatre, Ryerson University, Canadian Children’s Dance Theatre and has been represented at the New York State Summer School of the Arts for thirty years. Grossman has been the recipient of the prestigious Toronto Arts Council Foundation’s William Kilbourn Lifetime Achievement Award and was recently inducted into the Canadian Dance Collection Danse Encore! Hall of Fame.