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Arts Scholarship Program

Please note: If you are applying to the in-residency programs, tuition aid will be evaluated independently of the Arts Scholarship Program. The Arts Scholarship Program is intended to provide funding to an outside NYS-based program of the student’s choice.

How to Apply

Priority Scholarship applications accepted through April 19, 2024. 

Please see the following requirements before applying:

General Requirements

All students applying for the Empire State Summer Arts Scholarship MUST be full time permanent residents of New York State.  No exceptions will be made. 

Students MUST CURRENTLY be in grades 5-12.

The selected summer arts program must be New York State-based.

Family Adjusted Gross Income must be below $91,000/year in order to qualify.

The intent of the scholarship program is to fill any remaining funding gaps after receiving tuition aid from the program itself. Individual grants will be issued as a percentage of the remaining tuition balance and will be dependent on family income level and financial need. Financial need is assessed using your current NYS Tax Return. If more applications are received than available funding, scholarships will be awarded based on the most financial need.

Arts programs can specialize in music, theatre, dance, creative writing, ballet, fine arts, design, and more.

It is recommended that students submit an application after they’ve selected and been accepted to a summer arts program. If a student applies and is accepted to more than one program, the scholarship will only be able to be used at one program. Scholarship funding is not available at the time of applying or registering to a program, funding is provided to programs directly after a student is enrolled and has its own timed process. 

Upon completion of the application form, the student and their parent/guardian will receive an email communication from the Empire State Summer Arts Scholarship Office. This email communication will contain instructions on how to submit financial information, tax forms, and detailed information regarding the arts program you are applying to/attending.

Please be sure to include a valid email and contact number on your application as we will be following up to request more financial information. 

Questions about applying? Email us at

Application Form