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Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Arts In-Residence Program FAQ

Summer Arts Scholarship Program FAQ

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Summer In-Residence Programs FAQ

What are the dates of the summer program?

All three programs will open the weekend of July 6 and close the weekend of July 26, 2024.

What are the application deadlines?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis through the beginning of March. We encourage students to submit their application materials before the final deadlines.

  • Theatre Arts In-Residence Program: March 8, 2024. Students must also be available for a Zoom call back the weekend of March 16, 2024.
  • Media Arts In-Residence Program: March 15, 2024
  • Visual Arts In-Residence Program: March 15, 2024

What does the program cost?

Tuition for our 2024 programs is $1,900. Thanks to the generous support of New York State, each student attending NYSSSA is considered on partial merit scholarship. State dollars cover a significant portion of the actual cost of attendance at NYSSSA, which far exceeds the $1,900 tuition cost. Tuition Assistance is available to families making under $91,000/year Adjusted Gross Income.

How do I apply?

Applications for all programs open the middle of January 2024. The application is easy. Application links and instructions for how to submit your portfolio/audition online can be found on the individual program pages.

Is there Financial Aid available?

Yes, tuition assistance is available to families who qualify. In order to qualify for tuition assistance, families must make under $91,000 adjusted gross income per year. Family size, unemployment/under employment, and special circumstances will be taken into account.

To apply for tuition assistance, you will be sent a financial disclosure form after being accepted into the program. Additionally, you will need to submit your family 2023 New York State Income Tax Forms.

Tuition Assistance is awarded on a sliding scale and will cover anywhere from 10-90% of the program cost.

Is food and housing covered in the tuition cost?

Yes, the tuition covers all residential and education costs while at the program.

Arts Scholarship FAQ

What are the program requirements to receive a scholarship?

Students must be a New York State resident, in grades 5-12, and be attending a summer, arts-oriented program in New York State. General summer camp programs do not qualify, even if there is a day of arts education. Summer Program must be primarily arts focused in its programming.

How much aid can I get to attend an outside program?

Scholarships are meant to fill any gaps in existing tuition aid granted to attend a summer arts program in New York State. Applicants may receive anywhere from 10-90% of the remaining balance.

How are scholarship program applications evaluated?

To apply for tuition aid, you will be sent a financial disclosure form to return to the office. Additionally, you will need to submit your family 2023 New York State Income Tax Forms and proof of applying to/being accepted into the respective summer arts program for which you require a scholarship to attend.

After reviewing family finances and confirming application status and cost with the outside program, scholarships are awarded.

Tuition Aid is awarded on a sliding scale and will cover anywhere from 10-90% of the program cost.

Is there a maximum household income to qualify for a scholarship?

Household income must be under $91,000/year Adjusted Gross Income to qualify for a scholarship.

What if I have extenuating financial circumstances?

If you have extenuating financial circumstances such as sudden unemployment, larger household/dependent size, or any other special circumstances, we are happy to evaluate on a case by case basis. Additional documents may be required.

Do you offer merit-based scholarships?

No, we do not offer merit-based scholarships.

How are scholarship funds disbursed?

Scholarship funds are disbursed directly to the program once all paperwork has been processed. It is our hope that programs do not require families to submit payment up front to their program of choice. Our office is in touch with individual programs staff and we hope that the programs will wait for scholarship funds to be paid out by New York State. However, individual program policies are not in our control.

Can I get a scholarship to more than one program?

Students will only receive tuition assistance to attend a single program in New York State. If a student applies to multiple programs, we will evaluate those applications separately, however, the student must make a choice of which one they will be attending prior to funds being disbursed.