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1. Why NYSSSA? (why audition, why did you decide to attend?)

Hello, My name is Maria and I attended the NYSSSA Visual Arts Program in 2012 and 2013, first simply as a student and then as a work study/intern.

2. How did you find out about NYSSSA?

My freshman year in high school brought along many things, one of them being agreat interest in the arts. I was lucky enough to have my teacher pull me aside and tellme about this fabulous art program held during the summer, a few hours up north. After looking at the website and reading about the classes offered and also about the fantastic teachers we'd work alongside, I knew I wanted to apply. And later on once I was accepted I knew I'd made the right decision. 

3. Typical Day/Schedule at NYSSSA?

My typical day at NYSSSA consisted of waking up at 7:30 to eat some breakfast in the dining halls and walking to my first class with all my other NYSSSA peers. Our AM class began around 8:30 and lasted about 2 and a half hours (but boy did it go by fast!). After our first class we all head back to the dorms to put down our art supplies and then head to lunch. This "lunch break" lasts about 2 hours and gives you plenty of time to relax, chat it up with other people and (of course) work on art. PM classes start around 1:30 and end at about 3:30. What's great about your schedule is you'll always be round people, so by the end of the program you’re all, like, family. At night we have lectures, open studio time or the counseling staff has fun activities planned.

4. Best Moment at NYSSSA?

It's really tough to come up with ONE spectacular moment because, honestly, everything about NYSSSA is awesome. I guess I'd have to say at the end of the program, when the Exhibition show is up, and you get to see EVERYONE'S work, and all the time and dedication they clearly put into it, you can't help put smile and be completely happy.

5. Why would you encourage someone to audition for NYSSSA?

I'd encourage anyone who is remotely interested in art to join NYSSSA because it's an once-in-a-lifetime experience. You have the chance to work alongside brilliant teachers and artists who are completely dedicated to helping you. The environment at NYSSSA is so positive and by the end of the month that you're there you'll wish it wasn't over, but you'll be so grateful you decided to go.