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T Valada-Viars

Improvisation Teacher

Ms. Valada-Viars is a freelance Actor/Mime/Director/Teaching Artist/Corporate Consultant. She has directed and presented workshops in New York, Iowa, Louisiana, California, Michigan, Great Britain and Croatia. She appeared in the Turkish/American independent film BLIND FATE.  Currently, she is co-producing ‘Fairy Tales and other Indiscretions’, a new play which will be presented in New York City, hopefully this fall and collaborating on a two person play called the Secret Life of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings. She runs T’INK: Know Nothing's Impossible Theatre which specializes in commissioned productions with an emphasis on social issues, including prison inmate projects and workshops on silent communication awareness/acting/directing in schools and corporations.  She may occasionally be seen in New York City wearing white face as a street mime - or teaching classes for  corporations, schools, HAI and the Town Hall Theatre. Ms. Valada-Viars splits her time between Iowa (her home for twenty years) and New York (her real home).