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FOCUSED: Creative Youth in the Empire State, a short documentary produced by Mountain Lake PBS,

will Air on Mountain Lake PBS, December 21st at 6pm and January 22nd at 9pm.  More broadcast dates across NYS to follow.

December 10-19th- Mountain Lake PBS will present a FREE online screening of the Documentary!  Learn more about this unique summer experience for New York's most talented teens.

Click HERE to view the Documentary beginning Wednesday December 10th at 5pm!

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School of Ballet

National Museum of Dance and Skidmore College.  Saratoga Springs, NY.

June 28- July 25, 2015

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School of Dance

National Museum of Dance and Skidmore College. Saratoga Springs, NY.

July 26 - August 21, 2015

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School of Orchestral Studies

Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY.  Co-Sponsored by NYSSMA. 

July 26- August 22, 2015

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Click here to watch a full concert of the 2014 School of Orchestral Studies


School of Media Arts

SUNY Oswego.  Co-Sponsored by NYSATA and NYSMATA. 

July 5- July 31, 2015

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School of Visual Arts

SUNY Fredonia.  Co-Sponsored by NYSATA. 

July 4- July 31, 2015

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School of Choral Studies

SUNY Fredonia.  Co-Sponsored by NYSSMA. 

July 5- August 1, 2015

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School of Theatre

SUNY Delhi.

July 12 - August 8, 2015

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What is NYSSSA?



The Summer of 2015 will mark the 46th year of operation for the schools that form the New York State Summer School of the Arts. This program, with its seven component summer residential Schools, are administered by the New York State Education Department.  Recognized as one of the finest programs of its kind in the nation, over 15,000 high school age students have become part of this unique summer experience.   Alumni of the program will attest to the success of the schools in helping high school students with special talents identify and pursue career choices in all fields of the fine arts and performing arts at an early age. The Schools provide opportunities for all New York State students who qualify through auditions, to receive the highest level of training and instruction.

The Summer Schools of the Arts are directed and staffed by internationally acclaimed artists and companies such as the New York City Ballet and The Philadelphia Orchestra. Students work in small groups and in one-on-one sessions with professionals and with other students of similar ability.    NYSSSA's goal is clear: to provide intensive, preprofessional training programs for New York State's most gifted and motivated young artists and those who are considering careers in the arts or entertainment industries. A student's time at NYSSSA could be life changing!

The schools provide intensive training in an environment where students experience the rigorous discipline of the daily life of a professional artist.  The program is open to all New York State high school age students who qualify through auditions.  NYSSSA Programs qualify students for one full unit of high school credit with the student's home district approval.  Appropriate documentation is sent to the student's school at the close of the program. 

Tuition assistance, based upon financial need, is available. NYSSSA is proud to represent the wide spectrum of cultural, ethnic, social, and economic diversity that is New York State.


School of Media Arts