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School of Dance

Laura Bennett

NYSSSA / ADLI Liaison Faculty Concert Choreographer

Laura Bennett has been at NYSSSA for all 24 summers in varying capacities. She loves to work on puzzles—whether making dances or formulating program schedules. Laura has been dancing since she was in her mother’s womb and had her choreographic debut at age 11, when she got her gym teachers to give up their physical education periods for her to create a dance on her classmates. She graduated from Brown University and has studied, performed, and taught the techniques and repertory of the pioneers of 20th century American concert dance. A leader of the core management team of American Dance Legacy Initiative, Laura enjoys a dynamic dance career combining teaching, performing, choreographing, and arts administration. She currently divides her time between Rhode Island and New Hampshire with stretches “on the road.” Laura is a devoted aunt, avid TiVo watcher, and sports fanatic. She learned much about living a creative life from her paternal grandmother, Harriet Bennett Strandberg (1914-1991), a painter who brought the spirit of the artist to everything she touched; the name Bennett was taken as a public tribute to a private legacy.