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School of Media Arts

About the School of Media Arts


There are no calendar events right now.

There will be no virtual or in-person NYSSSA program offered in Summer 2022. To apply for a scholarship to another NYS based media arts program, please see the "APPLY" tab at the top of your screen.

THE SCHOOL OF MEDIA ARTS will include a 4-week long series of consecutive live-streamed meetings and asynchronous screenings / workshops on the tools, techniques, and critical concepts of multi-disciplinary media arts, including animation, sound art, 16mm handmade films, video and photography. In contrast to the in-person Media Arts program – the virtual summer program marries these disciplines into one multi-media, multi-disciplinary media arts class.

This pedagogical approach builds on the 2020 virtual version of the program and provides students with the opportunity to investigate new mediums and explore the ways that the media arts practices are not fixed. Artists often work with questions of visual composition in animation, photography and film/video, and take into consideration how sound can articulate images or story, and vice versa. Working together as one class creates a sense of community and shared experience so important to the online learning environment. NYSSSA Media Arts is founded on ideas that students make work and explore the creative conceptual and technical elements of media arts in a serious and inclusive environment.

In addition to creating original projects through workshops, students are exposed to a wide range of media art discourse through critiques, lectures and screenings, and virtual Visiting Artists. These experiences are invariably reflected in the sophisticated work that the students complete at NYSSSA.

The online program is designed to give students space to grow artistically, make meaningful connections with new people and complex ideas, and prepare singular portfolios that stand out for their range and depth of work. The summer program culminates in a virtual Final Show screening that can be shared with family, friends, teachers and the state-wide and national media arts community.

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Media Arts

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