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School of Media Arts

About the School of Media Arts


Alfred State College

10 Upper College Dr.
Alfred, NY 14802


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Our goal is to develop each student’s creative process. All students work on the creation of personal, meaningful, increasingly complex artistic statements. We are interested in ideas, curiosity, discovery, critique, and the discipline of engaged creative exploration.

With extensive viewings and discussions of work, each class includes a strong foundation in the history of its medium. All classes teach fundamental, formal, esthetic principals.  Classes also involve extensive teaching of the technical skills associated with each individual discipline.The first 2 1/2 weeks are generally spent learning foundations, history, technical skills, and completing assigned exercises.  The last week and ½ is spent developing and finishing individual final projects.

Free your imagination and be part of an inspiring adventure in the cutting-edge fields of video, filmmaking, photography, electronic sound art, or computer graphic arts in the School of Media Arts.  We will require your intense focus, motivation, and commitment in this program. Your reward will be exciting and challenging classes, work sessions, critiques, lectures, field trips, and presentations by visiting artists.

While the curriculum stresses creative production, it is not exclusively goal-oriented. Exploration, experimentation, and discovery are key elements. The process - an awareness of the avenues of discovery and stimulating detours - is as important as product.

Ghen Zando Dennis, a nationally known media artist, is the Artistic Director of the School. She has assembled an outstanding faculty for the program.

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Media Arts

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