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School of Media Arts

School of Media Arts Adjudication Process


Portfolio Requirements

  • In the area of 16 mm film or video, one to three short works may be submitted (on mini-DV, DVD or via email link to the applicants work on YouTube or Vimeo with any necessary passwords) that best represent your skills and aesthetic vision. The work must be clearly identified in terms of your role in the creation of the work. If you created the work with several students, you must clearly state what work you did on the film or video.
  • In the area of digital photography, students will engage in computer editing. Some darkroom experience is desired by not required. Your portfolio should include at least ten, but not more than twelve, individual photographs. Students may submit their work electronically via disk or flash drive (JPEG files are preferred). Please note that flash drives and disks will not be returned to students.
  • In the area of computer animation and intermedia, students should submit animations and computer based creative work. This includes web site design, game design, drawings, paintings, and/or graphic works created on computers and hybrid works involving some computer based component. Your portfolio should include at least five, but not more than fifteen, examples of works on disk, DVD, photocopy, or paper print.
  • In the area of electronic sound art, students should submit works they best feel demonstrate their artistic interest. Students should submit sonic compositions, and/or performance recordings.

PLEASE NOTE!  We welcome applications from students who have a strong interest in, but little or no firsthand experience with, any of our disciplines. A student who has no work to show in a particular discipline must write a sincere and compelling statement articulating her/his interest in devoting an intensive month to study. Such applications will be well served if they are accompanied by evidence of creative work in and dedicated study of some other creative medium. Acceptable “other” creative media include many disciplines: writing, poetry, sculpture, painting, drawing, theatre, voice, fashion, design. When a student is unable to submit work in the discipline to which she is applying, it is very important that a written statement articulate her interest in that discipline and her eager willingness to apply herself and learn. See some examples.

Submission of Portfolios

Complete your ONLINE APPLICATION and then Email your portfolio (with completed Supplement Form) to:

Please include your full name in the email subject. NYSSSA will confirm receipt of your emailed portfolio within three business days.

Rating Criteria

Content of Work

  • Is the purpose of the work clear?
  • How well do the images and ideas relate to each other?
  • Does the title fit the piece?
  • Is there a point of view?

Structure of Work

  • Is more information presented than needed?
  • Are the edits, crops, splices, layering of sounds, etc., technically correct?
  • Is there a design, a plan for the work such as a score or storyboard?
  • If the student is working in one of the moving media (film/video), is a good variety of shots, special effects, etc., used?
  • In computer arts, is the software used creatively, effectively, etc.?
  • If titles or credits are used, are they readable, creative, suitable?

Use of Media and Its Elements

  • Have you explored what the chosen media can do?
  • Depending on the media, are color, light, shape/form, movement, time, line, texture, etc., used effectively to enhance the piece's message?
  • Has your technological knowledge been a vehicle for fulfilling the work or has it become intrusive?

Overall Rating

  • This is not a single tabulation of the rating categories, but an intuitive, holistic evaluation of the student and the work. Considerations include whether there is a balance between content, structure, and media; whether your work reveals your ability to conceptualize; and whether there is a rightness and fitness to the work?

Audition Dates

There are no calendar events right now.

Tuition and Financial Aid

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, NYSSSA will not be charging tuition for 2021 virtual programs.