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School of Visual Arts

About the School of Visual Arts

Program Dates

July 5, 2021 to July 30, 2021


There are no calendar events right now.

The 2021 NYSSSA School of Visual Arts will be not be held in person at SUNY Fredonia due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. All classes and workshops will be held virtually.

NYSSSA Visual Arts will be conducted virtually for the summer of 2021 and is committed to ensuring that students have an experience that is true to the NYSSSA mission. Our primary goal is to work with High School aged artists to provide opportunities to build and expand their artistic interests and develop portfolios for their next step in their artistic growth. 

Over the course of 4 weeks, students will be provided the opportunity to interact with working professional artists through daily workshops, lectures and critiques. Each studio workshop will meet once a week for 3 to 4 consecutive weeks. 

The workshops will introduce students to a multitude of concepts, skills and assignments. The students will be expected to work on and develop their projects between each workshop in order to complete their assignments. Typically, this will require 2-3 hours per day. Projects will be created using non-traditional and commonplace materials that can typically be found inside the home. Workshops will include group critiques where students will have a chance to present their work and receive feedback from the instructor and peers. 

Sample courses include: portraiture, 3D mixed media, printmaking and sequential art. 

Things a student will need:

  • Space and surface for making art.
  • Basic art supplies, as listed on each workshop’s materials list—this will be provided prior to the program.
  • Internet access and an internet-connected device with audio and video. A computer or laptop is recommended, but participants can join by phone or tablet.
  • Access to Zoom. No account is required. Secure links and passwords will be provided by the NYSSSA administration.


Our Faculty

Artistic Director

Student Profiles

Getting to go to a place that is filled with people that are just like you is such a different experience than high school. Before NYSSSA, I had never been to a place where the common denominator between everyone is his or her interest in visual art. It was so refreshing to arrive at a place where everyone is speaking the same language as you. The people you meet at NYSSSA will undoubtedly change your life. After two summers at NYSSSA it is a place that has become my home away from home. 

I'd encourage anyone who is remotely interested in art to join NYSSSA because it's an once-in-a-lifetime experience. You have the chance to work alongside brilliant teachers and artists who are completely dedicated to helping you. The environment at NYSSSA is so positive and by the end of the month that you're there you'll wish it wasn't over, but you'll be so grateful you decided to go. 

A Sample Day

Visual Arts

Check out what a day at the School of Visual Arts is like!