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School of Visual Arts

School of Visual Arts

Applications and digital portfolios should be submitted by 4/5. Program dates for 2021 are TBD.

All applicants to the School of Visual Arts must submit the following:

Portfolio Requirements

All student applicants must submit a portfolio of 8-10 images of their most outstanding and recent work, with a minimum of 4 drawings from direct observation.  The work should represent your ideas and experiences and demonstrate your artistic skill.  A self-portrait from observation (not a photograph) is recommended. You may include samples from your sketchbook to show your process and way of thinking. We strongly discourage works depicting cartoon characters, superheroes, and works that are traced or copied from another picture.

How To Submit Portfolios:

We will be accepting digital ONLY. 

For Digital Portfolios:

You may submit a maximum of ten (10) images. The required image file, size, and image script are detailed below:

  • Each image file must be titled with your Last Name, underscore, First Name, underscore, image number. (Example: Smith_John_01) Image number should correspond to the Portfolio Contents Form
  • File type: .jpg 
  • Maximum size in any direction: 1000px
  • Image Script: Enter image number, title, medium, dimensions, production date for each entry, and up to 60 words of description if applicable

Digital Portfolios should be sent in via web: You may upload your portfolio to Dropbox and E-mail the link to NYSSSA at:  

If you are unable to send a portfolio digitally, please emaill us at

Audition Dates

There are no calendar events right now.

Tuition and Financial Aid

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, NYSSSA will not be charging tuition for 2021 virtual programs.